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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Computer Program That Changed My Studio

Do these books look familiar to any of you studio music teachers out there?  

I remember back in the day keeping track of my students, payments, calendar and schedules all in these little red books. I remember each year in September I would have to go to the local music store and pick up a new book. It was actually very exciting to buy a new one!  At first I loved these books but my studio kept growing and I was getting VERY confused by my own notes. Who did I give credit to? Who paid cash? Who did a barter with? Where did that check go that they handed me on their way out the door? Is it under the piano again?  When did they say they had to cancel? Who did I switch times with tonight?  UGH--to much to keep track of!

I have always been a lover of technology and I remember the feeling of excitement I felt when when I discovered Music Teachers Helper. I NOW have many of these books just collecting dust on my shelves because I was lucky enough to find an amazing software called 

Music Teachers Helper has literally changed my life! 
I love Music Teachers Helper because :

1. I added about 20 students to my regular weekly schedule. I can now handle about 50+ students.
2. MTH handles all of my cancellations-no more taking phone calls, e-mails or texts to reschedule students.
3. All of my "open time slots" are posted on my calendar and my students can book their own make up lessons without EVER contacting me.
4. I can fill "open time slots" without constantly losing money from a last minute cancellation.
5. I can keep track of student payments and credits easily.
6. Every single time I have a problem or I am confused about something within the program I will write MTH and they will respond VERY quickly and give me a solution to resolve my problem.
7. The calendar syncs to my own personal iCal so I can see my "real" life alongside my "teacher" life. 8.  I receive a text message when a student cancels so I can plan accordingly.
9. I can take payments via PayPal AND these payments are automatically credited to the students account. I don't have to do a thing!
10.  I can easily send a e-mail to my whole studio with just a few clicks.
11. My students NOW get invoices---this is huge. The invoices look so professional.
12. I appear more organized and professional with this program working behind the scenes for me--- all of my parents use this program with ease and even if they don't realize it it is making things easier and smoother for them as well.

I am tremendously happy that I have added Music Teachers Helper 
to my studio because I would be LOST without it. 
If you have not checked out Music Teachers Helper for your studio 
you must see what you are missing!  
You won't regret it! 

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