Monday, December 22, 2008

Kids Sing Studio Policies 2016-2017

2016-2017 TUITION
30-minute lesson = $40.00
45-minute lesson =$55.00
60-Minute Lesson= $65.00
60-Minute "OFF HOURS*" Lesson=$80

"OFF HOURS" are Friday 3:00-7:00 & Sunday 11:00-2:00
"OFF HOUR" Lessons will only be offered in 60 minute intervals

Registration & Materials FEE OF $75 IS DUE BY SEPTEMBER 10, 2016
This fee is for each student even if you have multiple students in a family. 

*This fee will be discounted to $60 for students on the ACTIVE WAITING LIST
I will have to limit this list and as the year goes on I may be able to allow more active waiting list students. 

Recital is February 12, 2017

I am will work out sibling discounts on a case by case basis. As of now regular rates apply.  

Please note: My children & husband & family obligations ARE my first priority. I will make every effort to schedule Kids Sing Studio's schedule around my children's schedules. We are a busy family with lots of fun stuff going on. My kids will only be little once and I want to be sure I am there for them first and foremost. 
As the years go, unfortunately on I am not able to easily flex my schedule as I have in the past. 
For example, If my daughter has a weekend dance competition then I have to cancel lessons for THE WHOLE WEEKEND. There will be about 5 of these weekends. 
IF this is going to drive you crazy PLEASE let me help you find another teacher who can be more consistent and I will TOTALLY understand. If you can ROLL with ME----I'd LOVE YOU FOREVER!  

A SELECT FEW students will be on the ACTIVE WAITING LIST. These students will have access to ALL open spots on the Kids Sing Studio Calendar. 

My STUDIO hours will be:

Monday 8:30-12:00
Wednesday 4:00-8:30
Friday 10:30-2:30
Saturday 8:30-5:00

 Please note:
If you have a 1/2 day of school or a day off school just ask and I might be able to fit you in and free up your other time slot. If you can come during the daytime hours I can most likely fit you into my schedule easier than if you need after school or weekend times. 


Unfortunately, Kids Sing Studio is NOT CURRENTLY accepting new students or putting new students on the waiting list.   
If your child has special needs and you are interested in Music Therapy Services for your child all of Lisa's music therapy work is contracted with Midwest Music Therapy Services. Maria Carron  Please let Lisa know if you have any questions. 
Lisa is also a professional wedding singer who enjoys singing weddings when it fits into her busy schedule.  Rates start at $300.00. Demo CD is available upon request.  Please contact Lisa for more specific information.  
Lisa is also available to provide the vocal music at funeral services.  Please contact Lisa for more specific information. Rates start at $200.00
Over the years Lisa has become quite skilled at planning musical events such as guest speakers, master classes, mini-recitals and major recitals.  Please contact Lisa for more specific information.  Rates start at $500.00.  (A deposit is required to secure your event) 
Lisa has also worked with students all over Saint Louis on the art of perfecting a song, preparing for an audition, finding the best song for your specific voice, and having a top-notch stage presence while singing.  Please contact Lisa for more information rates start at $150.00/hour.