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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Student of the Month -Braden Phillips

I would like to introduce you to this months "STUDENT OF THE MONTH"
Braden Phillips

So, let me tell you a little bit about Braden. He is a individual!  He is adorable!  He is talented! He is charming!  He is willing to take risks! He is a hard worker!  I could go on and on!

Braden has been coming to me for a while now and is not only interested in singing many types of music.  He loves it all. Braden has had many leading roles including Winthrop in The Music Man, Chip in Beauty and the Beast, Tweedledee AND Tweedledum in Alice in Wonderland, and a Newsboy in Gyspy.  

He has made commercials and is represented by Now Talent. 


Braden has his own YouTube Channel.  Check it out!  

Currently Braden is in Over the Tavern at the Saint Louis Repertory Theatre.  
This show only has a cast of 7 and he will be playing the same role for 5 weeks in January and February at the Cincinnati Playhouse!  

This show has been getting wonderful reviews and here are a few snippets about Braden: 

Over The Tavern
Reviewed by Steve Allen
Java Journal

Rep’s Holiday Show A Nostalgic Heartwarmer
"Wondering why the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis was bringing back a comedy they did ten years ago, all I had to do was see it to have my question answered- it’s a laugh-filled piece of nostalgia that also carries a message or two along the way. The show is “Over The Tavern” and this one is recommended for all ages because the protagonist is a precocious 12-year old."
 "Braden Phillips turns in a remarkable performance as Rudy’s mentally challenged younger brother. . ."

Over The TavernReviewed by Chris Gibson

Rep's Brilliantly Funny Production of OVER THE TAVERN

"Over the Tavern is set in the fall of 1959 in Buffalo, New York, and follows a dysfunctional Polish Catholic family who live above the titular business establishment. We see the action unfold through the eyes of the young and precocious Rudy, who's a class clown of sorts, and far more interested in honing his Ed Sullivan imitation than memorizing the text of the catechism, as he reluctantly approaches the time of his confirmation. He's completely at odds with Sister Clarissa, an aging and ailing nun who dispenses punishment with the back of her hand or a well-placed ruler. When Rudy decides that he's not interested in being a "soldier for Christ", and walks out on Sister Clarissa during detention, he unwittingly sets in motion a series of events that wind up affecting his entire family."
"Braden Phillips rounds out the cast in fine fashion as Rudy's mentally-challenged little brother, Georgie."

"Over the Tavern is perfectly charming and witty, and filled with dozens of memorably funny lines that linger in the mind long after the show is over. Do yourself a favor and get some holiday cheer by seeing the Rep's superb production, which is playing through December 26, 2010 at the Loretto-Hilton."

Over The TavernReviewed by Harry Hamm

"A warm, winning, relevant production with sharp humor and a perfect cast! Runs thru December 26."

"Most of the story is seen and told through the eyes of 12-year-old Rudy, played brilliantly by Webster Groves native Spencer Davis Milford, who has a stage presence and grace far beyond his years. Besides Rudy, the Pazinskis have a teen age son and daughter, played by Eric Nelsen and Katie McClellan. They also have a little boy named Georgie, played by Braden Phillips, who is mentally challenged but capable of saying the most surprising things."

"While “Over the Tavern” is certainly full of sharp humor and some very big laughs, at it’s center it is really a very loving, significant story of a family in the grips of important generational, social and religious changes. No matter in what religious faith you were raised (or perhaps none at all,) you will relate to the core issues of the Pazinski family. They’re the kind of family you root for, laugh with and even worry about. “Over the Tavern” is the kind of show The Rep does best. It stirs your memory and touches your heart."

Braden is creative with his own Green Screen and a wizard at video editing. That is why he is Kids Sing Studio's own Video Production Assistant.  Good luck with the rest of your show Braden and keep up the good work!